Q: Can I also order from you from the US/outside the EU?

A: No, but Yes!

The online store only serves EU countries. Due to the current situation, the costs and forms for shipping outside the EU differ and can unfortunately change at any time (quarantine regulations, customs, weight restrictions etc.). Therefore I can not offer shipping due to a flatrate.

BUT: Individual international orders can be placed without obligation by email to ines@tmom-merch.com. I will then check the shipping conditions and costs.

Q: My size is not available or is not displayed at all. Do you have sizes other than the XS to XL range?

A: Yes!

This store is still quite new and therefore not everything is available in all sizes yet. But diversity and inclusion are my principles, so I want to offer merchandise for all shapes and sizes.

Please write me an email to ines@tmom-merch.com and I will gladly have your size produced in our print shop for your next order. This will be done without extra costs for you, if we print the motive anyway.

By the way, all shirts for all sizes cost the same price!

Q: Can I or a friend pick up my order in Berlin?

A: Yes!

You or someone else can pick up your order at my office in Prenzlauer Berg. You can note this in the comment field of our order or send an email to ines@tmom-merch.com.

You will get the whole shipping costs back immediately after the pickup.

Got more questions? - Send me message!