Gum Bleed – Punx Save The Human Race (limited colored edition)

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Even before its release, the third album by the Chinese hardcore punk band is already attracting a lot of interest from the German scene media - "Punx Save The Human Race" is now being released as an LP (180 gram vinyl) with printed inner sleeves on RING OF FIRE. The People's Republic of China is not necessarily regarded as an oasis for resistant subcultures - but however GUM BLEED have not only managed to play concerts and release music relatively undisturbed in their home country since 2006, the quartet from Beijing has also built up an international network that has enabled them to release worldwide via D.I.Y. label networks, brought GUM BLEED on European tours and in turn enabled international bands to perform in China. The lyrics and artwork of the brand new album do not speak a particularly conformist language. "Punx Save The Human Race" is already the third album in addition to numerous singles, split EPs and sampler contributions, nine songs plus intro, rough street punk meets hardcore and speed metal elements, the band practically shakes sustainable melodies and anthemic choruses out of their sleeves. In their home country, the band plays an important role in supporting and building up the scene, so it's all the more pleasing that they are presenting a release that is also remarkable internationally with this convincing release.