Cold - st (2nd Edition)

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Debut album of these Post Punx from Osnabrück. The LP was released by Kidnap Music earlier this year and as it is an AWESOME album, we had to ask if we could make a tape version...and here we are!

2nd Edition. Again ltd. 50, but this time with a badge instead of the matches!

1 Could It Be
2 Ashes
3 Silent Voice
4 Demons
5 Stranger Someday
6 Heart Of Glue
7 Running In Circles

8 The River
9 Evil Moon
10 Burning Bridges
11 The Evil Moon (disasters 2019)
12 //////////////////// (disasters 2019)
13 Ashes (disasters 2019)
14 Bloodlust (Cancerslug Cover) (disasters 2019)