Fat Mike presents: Campfire at Fatty‘s - Round One - 2x LP (blue edition)

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Nobody has ever done this: Fat Mike curated an intimate evening around a campfire with good friends sharing great songs along with their backstories. It was all recorded live in one take and is now released on Bottles to the Ground. These good friends included Codefendants performing Ceschi's broken bone ballad "Say Something," Chuck of Mad Caddies, Stacey Dee of Bad Cop Bad Cop, many others who will be familiar to punk rock or Fat Wreck Chords-- and of course Fat Mike.

20 song 2xLP

Track Listing

1. Shoot Out the Lights - Chuck Robertson
2. State of Mind - Chuck Robertson
3. Codefendants - Say Something (Ceschi Cover)
4. Codefendants - Brutiful
5. Codefendants - Sell Me Youth
6. Stacey Dee - Everything is Beautiful
7. Stacey Dee - Breastless
8. John Edward Carey Jr. - Guts & Teeth
9. John Edward Carey Jr. - Songs Song
10. RAS-1 - Take Me Home
11. RAS-1 - Sunny Hours
12. Poli Van Dam - Sad to Me
13. Poli Van Dam - Southbound Stranger
14. Fat Mike - Alcoholics Alphabet
15. Fat Mike - Cokie the Clown
16. Brendan Kelly - Cyborg Midnight
17. Brendan Kelly - Cold Cold Ground
18. Sam King - Glitch
19. Ceschi, John Edward Carey Jr. - Ojalá
20. John Edward Carey Jr. - Desperations