Menzingers, The - Some Of It Was True (limited colored edition)

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T H E M E N Z I N G E R S are an absolute institution. The Philadelphia punk legends" multi-decade reputation as road warriors with an unbeatable catalog is cemented as hard truth-and their seventh album, S O M E O F I T W A S T R U E , stands as their most immediate-sounding and energetic record to date.


  1. Hope is a Dangerous Little Thing
  2. There's No Place in This World for Me
  3. Nobody Stays
  4. Some of It Was True
  5. Try
  6. Come on Heartache
  7. Ultraviolet
  8. Take It to Heart
  9. Love at the End
  10. Alone in Dublin
  11. High Low
  12. I Didn't Miss You (Until You Were Gone)
  13. Running in the Roar of the Wind