No Weather Talks – Undoing Defeat LP

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Awesome debut LP by this Female Fronted Punk/Wave/Pop Band from Hamburg/Germany. And This is even better than their 7inches…Fantastic Melodies presented by Members of Just Went Black, Matula, Tackleberry, Juri Gagarin and Talk Radio Talk.


A1The Poetry Of Life Rediscovered

A2Problems With Pleasure

A3Any City´s Song

A4Road Rash

A5Nazi Scum Has Gotta Die

A6A Scene Less Sinister

B1Picture Perfect Propaganda

B2Reclaim The Night

B3No More (Minimum Wage Medley)

B4Silent Scapegoats

B5Shake It Off

B6A Toast To Revolutionary Souls

clear Vinyl incl. download (400 copies)