RICH KIDS ON LSD | RKL – Rock N Roll Nightmare LP (limited colored edition)

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Fast metallic virtuoso pop punk from Santa Barbara, RKL takes their sarcasm very seriously. On Rock N"Roll Nightmare, RKL delivers an album of irreverent songs, blaming every track on society! Originally released in 1987 this album by the legendary band RKL is now available again, limited to 500 copies on green/orange a-side/b-side.


A1 Scab On My Brain

A2 Hangover

A3 Meltdown

A4 Catch Your Breath

A5 Seein' You

A6 Lay Your Weapons Down

A7 Coming Home

A8 SargasmSide B

B1 Break The Camels Back

B2 Blocked Out

B3 Tribute To The Jester

B4 Rock n Roll Nightmare

B5 Alone Inside

B6 One Light, One Mind

B7 Find A Way