Strohsack - Im Unruhestand

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Die Strohsäcke were a pretty raw Punkband from East-Berlin. Tongue-in-cheek lyrics the Berlin way, spitting competitions on concerts,...
After Christian left for the Netherlands, the band stopped and he started some new bands. And then Corona hit the world. What should you do while being in lockdown? Right: You remember your most favorite songs of your band or other bands and combine this with your love for Bérurier Noir!
12 Tracks full of drumcomputer-driven Punkrock from the streets of East-Berlin, Netherlands!

Ltd. 70!

01 Halb zehn in Ost-Berlin
02 Solang die Musik laut genug ist
03 Punk et Chaos
04 Unschuldig
05 Kontrollraum
06 Nie wieder Krieg
07 Niemands Knecht! Niemands Herr!
08 Der ich wirklich bin

B-Seite (Bonus)
09 Nie wieder Holocaust
10 Schuften
11 Alles verboden
12 E’s