Efa Supertramp - Apocalipstick Blues (2nd Edition)

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15 feisty folk-punk songs about love and loss, politics, resistance and hope for a better world.

Her bio says "Efa Supertramp is a folk punk grrrl armed with just an acoustic guitar and a powerful voice." And this is actually true. When she announced her new album, we gave it a try and asked her if she would be interested in a tape release. And she was! Probably because there was no tape planned before.
PS: Did we say she sings in English and Welsh?

First edition sold out in some days, so here we go with a second one.

Second run limited to 50 copies!

01 Bwrw
02 Foot Down
03 Cigarettes and Stamps
04 How Far
05 Treasure Hunt
06 Apocalyptic Love Song
07 Llygru
08 Illegal

09 Rhosyn Rojava part 1
10 Rhosyn Rojava part 2
11 Pili Pala
12 Prosecco Punx
13 The Scars
14 Stolen Flowers
15 Keep Looking