Useless ID – Live In Tel Aviv – 2XLP Custom Color-in-Clear Vinyl

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*28 songs
*Limited Edition of 100
*One of three exclusive custom vinyl variations
*Custom deluxe 155g colored vinyl
*Gatefold jacket
*Includes access to stream the video of the entire live show
*Vinyl hand-pressed in the USA
*'Live In Tel Aviv' is a collaborative release between Useless ID and Double Helix Records*

Featuring 28 songs that span Useless ID’s legendary 28-year career, ‘Live In Tel Aviv’ packs nearly everything you could possibly want to hear at a Useless ID show into a double LP that you can now enjoy again and again in the comfort of your own home. Just like a Useless ID live set, this record is chock full of ferociously melodic energy from the opening notes of “Land Of Idiocracy” to start Side A to the poignant politicism of “State Of Fear” to close out Side D. That’s because this record is the real deal – a single Useless ID live show recorded at The Barby in Tel Aviv, Israel on August 20, 2019, where Yotam Ben Horin, Ishay Berger, Guy Carmel, and Corey Ben Yehuda left it all on stage in front of their loyal hometown crowd.

Useless ID ‘Live In Tel Aviv’ Track Listing:
Side A
1. Land Of Idiocracy
2. Stopwatch
3. Deny It
4. Borrowed Time
5. Mouse In A Maze
6. Turn Up The Stereo
7. Unhappy Hour
Side B
8. How To Dismantle An Atom Bomb
9. Genetic
10. Before It Kills
11. Pink Stars And Magazines
12. Punx On The Other Side
13. Local Expert
14. Too Bad You Don't Get It
15. Tour Song #2
16. Night Shift
17. At The Stadium
18. Before I Go
Side C
19. Dying Love
20. At Least I Tried
21. Always The Same
22. Bring Me Down
23. Blood Pressure
Side D
24. It's Alright
25. Kiss Me Kill Me
26. Night Stalker
27. Isolate Me
28. State Of Fear

IMPORTANT NOTE: This vinyl record will be hand-made by the fine folks at Burlington Record Plant (BRP) in Burlington, Vermont, USA. BRP is a family-owned boutique pressing plant that specializes in making quality custom vinyl records using earth-conscious manufacturing practices. While incredibly high in quality, the real charm of hand-made vinyl records is that every record will be somewhat unique. On top of this, the team at BRP often comes up with their best
ideas for custom vinyl right when vinyl records start the production process, and we want them to have maximum flexibility to work that magic. This means that the vinyl record you receive wont look exactly like the one pictured here, but it will be equally or even more beautiful. It also means that no one else in the world will own a vinyl record exactly like yours. So, this vinyl record will be a piece of art in more ways than one. We hope you enjoy it! Rock on!

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IG: @doublehelixrecords