• textiles made from 100% organic cotton; no synthetic fibers
  • small quantities and print runs
  • water-based and non-toxic printing inks
  • ecological packaging material; non-toxic, ecological parcel tape and labels
  • CO2 neutral shipping
  • server location Germany, green electricity
  • my office works resource-saving and sustainable


  • Women-led, feminist company
  • Promotion and collaboration with FLINTA* and/or POC bands and companies
  • Gender neutral merchandise
  • Body Positivity = all sizes and shapes are welcome! All sizes costs the same price!
  • regular non-profit campaigns for anti-racist, humanitarian and feminist NGOs



  • fair working conditions and wages (e.g. textiles are produced in GOTS certified companies)
  • close cooperation with small, owner-managed companies from Berlin
  • solidarity with all trade unions and employee representatives (except the police)

TMom Merchandise stands for fair, sustainable and local produced merchandise.

The core values are fair working conditions for everyone, fair wages and environmentally friendly and resource-saving production and distribution.

With my company and as a private person I would like to point out the global social and ecological crisis and actively contribute to more climate justice.

Therefore TMom Merchandise supports the initiative Music Declares Emergency.

Please visit the website for our declaration and further information.